Iconic Gay Bar Vandalized With Swastikas, Homophobic Slurs, In Dublin

The incident comes days before the two-year anniversary of Ireland’s marriage equality referendum.

The George, Dublin’s most famous gay bar, was vandalized late Friday night with swastikas and anti-gay graffiti, the Irish Times reports.

Saturday morning the bar was found defaced with homophobic slurs such as “queer,” “faggots,” and “fag bar.”

According to George manager Darragh Flynn, the male culprit was caught on the bar’s CCTV footage. He added that while multiple cars drove by while the vandalism was occurring, no one stopped to intervene.

The incident puts a damper on a weekend filled with events celebrating the two-year anniversary of Ireland’s popular referendum that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. It’s the first homophobic vandalism at the bar since that referendum passed.

Dan Lloyd/The Irish Times

Because the vandal used chalk, the graffiti has already been removed, and there is no permanent damage to the bar’s facade. Many friends, strangers, and local businesses had reached out offering to help remove the graffiti or pay for the cleaning costs.

“What really touches my heart is the support,” Flynn says. “I’ve had at least ten offers from people to actually come in and paint the front and get rid of the graffiti, so that’s what I really want to focus on.”

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