Ducati Motorcycle Dealership Reshoots Sexy Ad Campaign With Male Pinups: PHOTOS

 MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale ducati

We never thought Portland was as politically correct as Portlandia made it out to be but there might be something to it, based on the latest ad campaign from a Portland-based motorcycle dealership.

Motorcycle blogger Jensen Beeler explains in Asphalt and Rubber:

When we saw Portland-based Ducati dealer MotoCorsa do a photo shoot with a lovely lady named Kylie and a Ducati 1199 Panigale, we passed on running the photos. Then something interesting happened: MotoCorsa did a follow-up photo shoot, this time with men from around the shop, recreating the shots from the photo shoot with Kylie.

Perhaps not the most flattering photos we’ve ever seen, it is however a delicious role-reversal, not to mention showing some good humor from the gentlemen involved.

Actually, Jensen, some of these guys make us want to buy a Ducati. Mission accomplished.

MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale-photo-comparison-10 MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale-photo-comparison-09   MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale-photo-comparison-07 MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale-photo-comparison-06 MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale-photo-comparison-11 MotoCorsa-seDUCATIve-MANigale-photo-comparison-02



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