Dude Wipes Want To Keep You Clean In One Very Important Place

Take it to the hole.

Every sexually-active gay man knows the importance of keeping your bottom fresh as a daisy, but who would have thought we could turn to straight men for the perfect solution?

Dude Wipes are flushable, bio-degradable, “dude-sized” wipes for guys, and never has a product so aggresively marketed for straight guys been so perfect for gay men.

The product’s ad finds a dad stuck at his son’s school bathroom without toilet paper when another guy bursts in and lists all the bro-tastic reasons for carrying a pack of Dude Wipes on you at all times.

dude wipes

“Is your butt a crudely built bird house?” the “dude” in the commercial asks. “Then why are you sanding it with toilet paper?” A fair point.

The wipes are made with aloe and Vitamin E and some of the proceeds go to colon cancer charities.

“Stop being a dick to your ass” and check out the ad for Dude Wipes below.

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