Dunkin’ Donuts Starts A Cup War, Checking In On The “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Gay Hero: BRIEFS

Plus "Snowpiercer: The Series" and Tyler Oakley joins "The Amazing Race"

Birthday shoutouts! Leonardo DiCaprio (above) is 41, Demi Moore is 53, Calista Flockhart is 51, Carson Kressley is 46, Stanley Tucci is 55, and June Whitfield is 90.


Around the world with Adam Lambert

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Steve Grand keeps promise, attends Marine Corps Ball with gay Marine.

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Zachary Quinto: I would never slut-shame gays “I love sluts!”

Freeheld screenwriter says movie was de-gayed by producers.


Snowpiercer was a sleeper hit last year, with an intriguing concept, so it’s not surprising it’s going to be turned into a series.

New details surface in 1992 murder of gay sailor.

“Allen Schindler was destined to become yet another gay man killed and forgotten,” San Francisco gay activist Michael Petrelis said in a statement this week. “Now, 23 years after his death, we finally share the full details of his murder,” he said. “In doing so, we honor his memory on Veterans Day 2015. People must know the role that governmental homophobia played in his murder and the subsequent cover-up.”


The cast for the next season of The Amazing Race has been announced, and it will feature all social media celebrities, including Tyler Oakley. I like Tyler, but I think i’ll pass this round.

We haven’t seen inhuman Joey on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. since he was introduced on the first episode of the new season back in September. So how is the first gay hero in the Marvel cinematic universe coping with his power (he can melt metal)?

Much better, thankfully! He finally (albeit briefly) showed up again on last night’s episode, and revealed a newfound confidence and ability to control his power.

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Yeah! Now can they please make him part of the team?

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Dunkin’ Donuts throws down the gauntlet.

JOY ✨ (? @thatgirlshaexo)

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And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay and bisexual celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Seth Rudetsky


in 2008 Seth starred in the MTV reality competition Legally Blonde – The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods, appearing as the show’s vocal coach throughout the entire competition. Here he is discussing the first episode.

He also posts a fabulous series to his Youtube page titled “Deconstruction,” in which he deconstructs the singing voices of Broadway stars and goes in-depth with Broadway shows. We’ll be taking a look at some of those deconstructions this week along with his other accomplishments.

Here is the deconstruction of Patti Lupone

Thanks to Greggarious for the Shoutout suggestion!

Three years ago I presented my personal favorite Briefs list, The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s, and because if there’s one thing Hollywood has taught us, it’s that sequels and reboots and remakes are ALWAYS better then the original, we’re going to the well again with The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The Even More Forgotten

We’ll be spotlighting 100 more of the greatest minor hits of the decade, the songs you don’t hear on any 80’s nostalgia show. Songs that missed the top ten, or top twenty … or top forty. Hopefully these forgotten gems may ring a long dormant bell, or for younger readers, provide a pop music history lesson.

At #69 is “Dangerous” by Natalie Cole

The ’80s were a very rough time for Natalie Cole on the charts until her comeback in 1987 with the Everlasting album and its trio of hits “Jump Start,” “I Live For Your Love,” and “Pink Cadillac.” But her 1985 album “Dangerous” was a taste of the direction her career would take in the latter part of the decade, and the title track, a Pointer Sister-ish dance track, reached #57 in June.

Congrats to Nobody! No one guessed that yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was The Tooth Fairy.

Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Here is a scene from a FAMOUS MOVIE. Can you name it?

And today’s Briefs are brought to you by … Johnny Kane

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