The Lip Sync From Dusty Ray Bottoms You Never Got To See

"I forgot to grab the razor and stick it in my dress!"

The Monet X Change versus Dusty Ray Bottoms lip sync from last week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race was one to remember—and it even made RuPaul tell the other girls in the competition to watch and learn:

“For the ladies watching in the back, that’s what you call a Lip Sync For Your Life.” Ru said after the two queens were finished with their performance.

The queens’ “Pound the Alarm” lip sync was one for the herstory books, but it was almost even more memorable.

“I planned on shaving my head for the lip sync, but I didn’t get there,” Dusty reveals in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The reason the razor was never revealed was because in all of the commotion Dusty forgot it in her bag.

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

“I was just so shook and trying to get it together that I forgot to grab the razor and stick it in my dress,” the New York-based queen explains. “I had to change my outfit so I was worried about getting changed in time while listening to the lyrics, and I forgot the razor in my bag!”

Trixie Mattel pulled her hair during her final lip sync on All Stars 3, but to shave your hair off in front of the judges? That would have been something to see.

If you are sad about the lip sync that could have been, don’t get too upset. Dusty says that she promises to pull out the razor during a live performance “or maybe on All Stars 4!”

Dusty isn’t the only eliminated queen who has revealed what they had planned for an epic lip sync. After Shangela didn’t make the top two in the finale of All Stars 3, she told Chron what she had planned for the “Wrecking Ball” lip sync:

“I had that gold coat on. But under that, I had stapled these blown-up, white balloons that I had filled with confetti and glitter, right? They were on my titties and in my nether region,” she explains.

“I had a dart in my hand. During the song—’I came in like a wrecking…’—I was gonna bust the balloons, and all the glitter and confetti would fly out.”

“Then I had a piñata taped to the back of my coat, filled with candy, with a sledgehammer up my sleeve. And I was gonna beat it on the line, ’I never meant to start a war.’ I was ready, bitch!”

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