Dylan Sprayberry Mounts Tyler Posey, Tom Daley Is a Tiny Man: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Molly Ringwald loves Anderson Cooper, Hugh Jackman loves mornings, The Naked Magician plays with fire

The chair is actually normal size

Missing Fort Lauderdale, but ready for some more training in Tallahassee for the next couple of weeks :)

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Fitness model Steve Raider twerks for gender equality. His whole Instagram is pretty awesome – comic artist, sexy, geeky, beefy, and while it doesn’t say it anywhere, it’s pretty safe to assume he’s family just by going through his posts.

When I did the post announcing that Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen was starring in the King Cobra movie, I missed this pic of him with the infamous Viper from all that drama

Viper boyz #KingCobraMovie ??

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Colton Haynes makes the best use of good lighting

Boyfriends in suits is a delightful thing

Did I mention boyfriends in suits?

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Out strongman Rob Kearney is celebrating his anniversary of coming out thanks to the love of his boyfriend

Molly loves Anderson

Sorry, Katie, they’re both gay and married

The naked magician plays with fire. I’m really curious about his live act

Just a couple of guys out to dinner after work

Sorry, Ryan, but you can always move to America

That’s a little too perky for morning for my taste

From Glee to working with Clint Eastwood, and dropping out of a Woody Allen movie, Max Adler is going places

OK, I have two captions I couldn’t decide between. 1) Come on man, just breath, and it will stop hurting. 2) There’s just no way he’s the top in this relationship

They’re mostly worried about what happens an hour after you eat eight tacos

Perfect gender flipped cosplay

This really doesn’t help my already complicated feelings about clowns

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