Silly Straights, Easter Egg Dye Doesn’t Turn You Gay

Is food coloring being laced with "homosexual-inducing" chemicals?

Eat the pink ones first!

Because everybody’s bored senseless this weekend, some old gay panic nonsense is being recirculated on social media. The post claims that an increased number of men have “contracted homosexuality” after eating pastel-colored Easter eggs.

Snopes, a trusted fact-checking resource, debunked this urban myth in 2017, calling it the latest in “a long-running series of spoofs about holiday traditions being used to convert unsuspecting celebrants into homosexuals.”

The site points to the rumor’s origin as a satirical Only in American article alleging that, according to a CDC report, gays are dyeing Easter eggs with “homosexual-inducing” food colorings “secretly laced with variants of the gender-splicing homosexual chemtrail EcoR1.”

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“Moles within the gay community confirm that gays are using their advanced mastery of chemistry to mass-produce food coloring and covertly sell it throughout the nation in various food outlets,” the report warned.

“When organizations and families go to dip their food in these lurid mixtures, little do they know they are setting up fathers nationwide to be preyed upon by gays waiting to partake in a new and bizarre pagan ceremony.” Ham will be served!

Similar conspiracy headlines, attributed to the fake group “Christian Defense League of Texas,” include “Gays Are Lacing Halloween Candies with Homosexual-Inducing Drugs,” “Gays Are Lacing 2017 New Years Ball and Fireworks with Homosexual Chemtrails,” and “Gays Using Christmas Light Blinking Patterns to Convert Straight Men Into Homosexuality.”

That last one feels true, though. Happy Easter!

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