Eastern Michigan University’s Homoerotic Poster Sparks Football Fever

"Who approved this?"

Football is chockablock with homoeroticism, from “wide receivers” and “tight ends” to ritual smacks on the ass before games. But the schedule posters for the Easter Michigan University Eagles takes things into a whole new realm.

Eastern Michigan University

The posters feature quarterback Brogan Roback, senior safety Jason Beck, defensive end Jeremiah Harris and junior running back Shaq Vann in ecstatic poses with their hands around their crotches, which are blurred by a odd, white mist.

We’re not criticizing the photo, mind you: EMU finished last season 7-6 and made it to its first bowl game in nearly 30 years.

But there does seem to be a homoerotic culture in Ypsilanti—this water tower in town is nicknamed the “Brick Dick.”

And in case you can’t focus on the actual poster, the Eagles’ 2017 season opens September 1 in a matchup against Charlotte.

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