Bigot Selling Vintage 1970s “Gay Queer Homosexual Men Boy” Photo Album On eBay

An eBay user is selling a photo album owned by a gay man he claims "died of his lifestyle choices."

You can find all kind of things on eBay—even the meaning of life

One seller’s choice to sell a photo album filled with photographs of a group of gay friends, and to smear their “lifestyle choices,” has angered some members.


On Monday, “Mattspickens” posted his auction for “VINTAGE 1970’s PHOTO ALBUM GAY QUEER HOMOSEXUAL MEN BOY.”

Bunch of gay people. I picked these up from one of these people in the pictures estate sale. He died from his lifestyle choices. Color photo’s partying, swimming, quite a few pictures.

Thanks for bidding and please ask questions as needed

The starting price is $9.99, and there have been no bids to date.


Not much is known about the men in the album, though the seller indicates the man who owned it died in northwest Arkansas.


Several members criticized “Matt” for his comments and the choice to sell someone’s personal memories. In response, he posted an article from the anti-LGBT alt-right site WorldNetDaily.

“Your item description is very offensive and full of discrimination,” wrote on user. “If you hope to sell this item, you should rewrite the description without your personal views. I have reported you to eBay for hate speech.”


Others are unsure how to address the situation beyond flagging the auction: If the auction is taken down, the album may be destroyed. But if they buy the album to give to an archive, they’ll be putting money into a bigot’s hand.

“Matt,” who has a 99.8% positive feedback rating, insists “there is no bigotry at all.”

“A smoker chooses to smoke knowing the possible consequences and so does anyone else that makes lifestyle choices. It’s a reality of life,” he writes.

“We all make choices. It’s nothing personal, just a fact, a reality of life… I’m wondering why so many are having such a tizzy. I’m not. I can only wonder that some are not wanting to be responsible for their choices.”

Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.