Marriage Equality Pioneer Edie Windsor Remarries

“I was empty and then this woman walked into my life,” says the legendary activist.

Eight years after the death of her first wife, marriage-equality pioneer Edie Windsor got remarried in a small ceremony Monday afternoon at New York City Hall.

Windsor, 87, wed Judith Kasen, 51, with Kasen’s best friend, Danielle Reda, serving as witness.

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The two began dating last year, when Windsor agreed to go with Kasen to a Hanukkah party hosted by Roberta Kaplan, the attorney who won Windsor’s SCOTUS case.

“I was empty and then this woman walked into my life,” Windsor told the New York Times. “I didn’t think it would happen again and it did.”

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Windsor became the face of marriage equality in 2010, when she sued the federal government, which made her pay taxes on the estate she inherited from her late first wife, Thea Spyer, who passed away in 2009.

Had they been a heterosexual couple, she argued, they wouldn’t have been subject to the tax penalty.


Windsor’s case made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which, in 2013, ruled in her favor and struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.

Kasen, a longtime LGBT activist, works for Wells Fargo. The two share an apartment in Greenwich Village, but say they’ll move to Barcelona if Donald Trump is elected president.

Below, Windsor accepts an award at Logo’s Trailblazer Honors in 2014.


Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.