Elie Saab Shows Most Insane, And Probably Expensive, Couture Wedding Gown Ever

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Elie Saab’s couture show earlier today in Paris was pretty and beautiful and, just like every other show he does, tailor made for any actress who dreams of walking the Oscars red carpet.

Then, Mr. Saab brought out one of the most insane wedding gowns we have ever seen.

After all the other looks had been shown, the lights dimmed and a model, clearly having trouble, started scuffling down the runway wearing the most amazing and over the top wedding dress ever. Well, not counting any of Christian LaCroix’s works of art.

The entire collection was crown-jewel inspired, and this wedding dress was like Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen on crack. Very, very expensive, beaded and handsewn silver and quartz crack, wrapped up in some lovely tulle.

This was big and sparkly, with a train of steel grey tulle and a sheer sequined veil with pops of quartz that required three models to hold it up. (Three struggling models, whose arms looked ready to snap off from the sheer weight.) In fact, if we had to guess, we would assume this dress took more time to produce than any other piece from any other designer this couture season, especially with all that embroidery and beadwork. Meaning it will probably be super affordable.

So, anyone got a couple hundred thousand dollars lying around to pick up this beauty? You’ll need a harem of ladies to carry your veil (We assume they’re not sold with, but could be wrong.) and won’t be able to really walk, but you’ll have it forever and can wear is almost nowhere!

That being said, it sure is pretty.