Elijah Daniel/Twitter (Used with permission)

YouTuber Buys Hell, Michigan, Renames It Gay Hell, Where Only Pride Flags Fly

He was inspired by the Trump administration's ban on Pride flags flying outside U.S. embassies.

YouTuber and rapper Elijah Daniel, aka Lil Phag, has purchased Hell, Michigan, renamed it Gay Hell, in a direct rebuke of the Trump administration’s policies.

In particular, Daniel was responding to the State Department rejecting requests from U.S. embassies to fly the Pride flag, leaving diplomats to get creative by affixing flags to the sides of buildings or lighting them up in rainbow colors. Vice President Mike Pence has defended the move, saying only the American flag should fly on those poles.

Daniel tweeted out the news on Monday, and claimed the only flags allowed to fly were Pride flags.

Daniel has a history with the small town just outside of Ann Arbor, having served as its mayor in 2017, at which time he “banned” heterosexuality.

He grew up in Michigan, in a religious family, and was told that gay people went to hell, he recalled to CNN.

He also has a message for Trump.

“Donnie, I heard of this game called Impeachment. Try it. Please,” he told NewNowNext.

And of course, all of gay Twitter has fallen hard for Daniel’s devilish stunt.

One can only hope there will be a Gay Hell Pride sometime soon.

See y’all in hell!


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