Warren Pledges to Read Names of Trans Victims From Rose Garden

"The transgender community has been marginalized in every way possible," the candidate declared.

Each November 20th, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, advocates honor the lives of transgender people killed over the past year by reading their names aloud during vigils.

During last night’s debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that if elected president she will bring the practice to the White House.

“The transgender community has been marginalized in every way possible,” Warren said.

“And one thing that the president of the United States can do is lift up attention, lift up their voices, lift up their lives. Here’s a promise I make: I will go to the Rose Garden once every year to read the names of transgender women, of people of color, who have been killed in the past year. I will make sure that we read their names so that, as a nation, we are forced to address the particular vulnerability on homelessness. I will change the rules now that put people in prison based on their birth sex identification rather than their current identification. I will do everything I can to make sure that we are an America that leaves no one behind.”

Warren read the names of transgender people who have been killed this year at the LGBTQ Presidential Forum in September, saying, “It is time for a president of the United States to say their names.”

“Tonight, the epidemic of violence against transgender people—especially trans women of color—was for the first time meaningfully discussed on the main stage of the Democratic presidential debate,” said HRC President Alphonso David in a statement. “Now, more than ever, it is vital that our voices are heard and that the candidates are able to address our community directly. Thank you to Politico, PBS and the Democratic National Committee for creating space for this crucial conversation.”

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