Ellen DeGeneres Bans Donald Trump From Her Show: “He’s Against Everything That I Stand For”

The out icon also revealed she did meet Trump once in the early years of "The Apprentice."

Ellen DeGeneres has she has no interest in having Donald Trump on her highly rated talk show.

In a Today show segment, Matt Lauer asked the out icon if she wanted to have Trump on Ellen. After a brief pause, she responded, “Um, no.”

DeGeneres has had numerous politicians on her program, including a few arch-conservatives, but when Lauer asked “Why wouldn’t someone like you want to sit down opposite the president of the United States?” she gave a pretty straightforward answer.

“Because I’m not going to change his mind. He’s against everything that I stand for.”

ellen degeneres

The 59-year-old comedian revealed she did meet Trump once during an early season of The Apprentice, and even rode in his helicopter for a bit. But the two haven’t spoken since he went from game-show host to world leader.

“We need to look at someone else who looks different from us, and believes in something that we don’t believe in, and still accept them and let them have their rights,” she said.

Last Sunday marked the 20th anniversary of DeGeneres’ coming out on her 1990s sitcom.

“I wish I would have done it sooner—I wish I hadn’t waited so long,” she told Lauer, admitting she received death threats at the time and that her career went into a tailspin.

But, she said, the incident ultimately made her realize “I was strong enough to start all over again.”


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