Ellen’s Former Oscars Bodyguard: Working With Her Was “Demeaning”

"It's bugged me for years."

Ellen DeGeneres’ former bodyguard has spoken out about a negative experience working for the talk-show host.

Speaking to Fox News, Tom Majercak, a bodyguard who was assigned to protect the Ellen Show host at the 2014 Oscars, claimed his experience was… less than stellar.

“Ellen is the one person that I’ve been assigned to—and I’ve been assigned to quite a few celebrities—that has never taken the time to say ’hi’ to me,” Majercak recalled.

Given DeGeneres’ chipper, kind-hearted television persona, Majercak went into the job thinking the actress and comedian would exude the same loving energy fans know and love from her popular daytime chatfest. Instead, he claimed DeGeneres was cold to him—and others outside her inner circle—in a way that was “actually kind of demeaning.”

John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

“It’s bugged me for years,” Majercak added. “I see this person come across as being very enlightened and positive and awesome, and everybody loves her and is in awe—that’s really not the case when you meet her in person.”

He qualified that Portia de Rossi, DeGeneres’ wife of more than 10 years, was pleasant and did talk to him directly. (DeGeneres has yet to respond to Majercak’s account.)

Majercak isn’t the first person to come out about unpleasant experiences with DeGeneres. Transgender YouTube star Nikkie De Jager, a.k.a. @NikkieTutorials, said her appearance on the show reminded her to never “meet your idols.”

Though DeGeneres has been hit with controversies before (that football game outing with her “friend” George Bush, anyone?), she’s also made great strides for LGBTQ representation on TV. Years before her talk show first aired, DeGeneres came out as a lesbian in the famous two-part “Puppy Episode” of her eponymous sit-com, scoring her praise from critics and LGBTQ advocates.

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