Ellen DeGeneres Scared Sarah Paulson To Death—Three Times In A Row

R.I.P. Sarah Paulson.

Some of the best moments in the 15-year history of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show is her scaring celebrities silly. While many might point to her terrific bathroom scare with Taylor Swift as her finest terrifying moment, this new one with Sarah Paulson might be the one to beat.

Paulson was on DeGeneres’ show to talk about American Horror Story: Cult, so the talk show host decided to stay on theme and used this opportunity to frighten Paulson with clowns.

Yup, clowns.

Well, first DeGeneres—like any sane person—decided to wait in the bathroom closet of Paulson’s dressing room to scare her when she first arrived.

You saw that coming.

Then during their interview she had someone sneak up on Paulson from behind, and if that wasn’t enough she even had a clown waiting for her in the table behind their chairs.

What does the Emmy-winning actress do to save herself from DeGeneres’ relentless attacks? The same thing you would do: hide under a table.

Watch the fun clip below, but keep Paulson in your prayers.

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