Ellen Page Confronts An Unknowing Ted Cruz About LGBT Rights At The Iowa State Fair

"You’re discriminating against LGBT people!"

The Iowa State Fair took political turn earlier today when an unexpected debate broke out between actress Ellen Page and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz after Page approached the Texas Senator about the persecution of LGBT individuals in the workplace.

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“What about the question about LGBT people being fired for strictly being gay or trans?” Page asked Cruz as he prepared to grill up some pork burgers.

“Well, what we’re seeing right now is actually… we’re seeing Bible-believing Christians being persecuted for living according to their faith,” Cruz responded.

“You’re discriminating against LGBT people,” Page countered. “Would you use that argument in segregation?”

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“Now I’m happy to answer your question, but not to have a back-and-forth debate,” Cruz remarked dismissively.

A staunch believer that marriage is between a man and a woman, the Senator then paused his grilling to explain that “no one has the right to force someone else to abandon their faith and their conscience.”

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He continued:

Imagine, hypothetically, you had a gay florist and imagine two evangelical christians wanted to get married and they decide, ‘You know what, I disagree with your faith and I don’t want to provide flowers.’

“I would say they should provide the flowers,” Page responded.

Afterward, ABC News asked Cruz whether he knew it was Page that he was talking to and he said no.

Page has long been outspoken about her distaste for the Texas Senator, especially on Twitter.

Watch the full exchange below.

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