Ellen Page Curses Out The Queen Of England, Vietnam Lifts Marriage Ban: Today In Gay

Like us, X-Men star Ellen Page was not happy that Queen Elizabeth honored Northern Irish politician Maurice Mills as a Member of the British Empire (MBE), despite his claims that Hurricane Katrina was caused by homosexuality in New Orleans.

Yesterday, Page tweeted an article about the royal honor, “‘The Queen honoured a politician who blamed Hurricane Katrina & AIDS on LGBT people’ (…) fuck that”

Mills also blames “the filthy practice of sodomy” for the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

graham nortonOut comedian Graham Norton says it’s harder for gay men to find long-term partners.

“I think there’s something about having a male partner that makes it more difficult,” he told the Mirror. “This will sound sexist but that doesn’t mean it’s any less true. If I were a straight man, my female partner would have a role in the eyes of society. She would be the mother of my children, my hostess, the person on my arm at red carpet events… But that’s not the case if your partner is male. Every man – no matter how young or fey – has something of the alpha in him.”

Norton admits he’s also put less of priority on love than his career. “Work comes first—but because I’ve worked so hard to get where I am, I continue to prioritize my job over other bits of my life. That’s probably very foolish, something I’ll live to regret.”

Saks Fifth Avenue Logo - Labeled for ReuseA Dallas trans woman has filed a lawsuit against Saks Fifth Avenue, claiming her employers at the upscale department store fired her because of her gender identity.

Planet Transgender reports Leyth O. Jamal says she “endured months of being belittled and mis-gendered by co-workers… [and was] forced to use the men’s room by management, who ultimately fired her.”

Saks is asking for a dismissal on the grounds that Title VII of the Civil Rights Amendment of 1964, which protects against sex discrimination, doesn’t include transgender people.

Last month, however, Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department considers workplace discrimination against trans people covered by Title VII.

annise parker

Annise Parker inaugurated her final year as mayor of Houston by skydiving from 14,000 feet, as the openly lesbian politician took members of her team for a plunge on Sunday as part of a team-building exercise.


After an 8,000-foot freefall at 120mph, Parker pulled her chute and glided down the rest of the way in a tandem jump with instructor Henry Prewitt. “Honestly, this wasn’t on my bucket list,” said Parker.

“My staff had been planning this for awhile and my original intention was to simply be on hand to support them. As their team leader, though, I couldn’t just stand by and watch. If they can do it, I can do it. I’m not sure, however, it is something I’ll do again.”

The best part of the jump? “Being back on the ground.”

Where to be chill in Hanoi (Getty) Vietnam officially repealed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage this week, but has yet to recognize marriage equality.

“They can organize wedding parties and live together but their marriage is not legally recognized by a certificate of marriage,” said the Ministry of Justice’s Bui Minh Hong.

While there’s currently no legislation under consideration to extend marriage to same-sex couples, the repeal is considered a first step towards that goal. International LGBT activists believe Vietnam could likely become the first country in Asia to adopt same-sex marriage.

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