Eminem Sort of Regrets Using Homophobic Lyric on New Album

Is this the real Slim Shady?

Has hell frozen over, or is Eminem actually sorry for using anti-gay lyrics in his music?

At the end of August, Em released his 10th studio album, Kamikaze. Almost immediately, the rapper landed in hot water for using a homophobic slur on the song “Fall.” On the track, Em goes after rapper Tyler, the Creator calling him a “faggot.”

Well, in a new interview, Slim Shady says he may have let his anger get the best of him and hurt others while trying to hurt Tyler, the Creator.

“I was angry when I said the shit about Tyler,” the rapper admits. “But I’m sitting back like, man, at what point do I have to say something just to defend myself? And I think that the word that I called him on the album on that song was one of the things where I felt like this might be too far.”

What? Is this the same Marshall Slim Shady Eminem Mathers who once rapped about killing his ex-wife?

He continued, “In my quest to hurt him, I realized that I was hurting a lot of other people by saying it. At the time I was so mad it was just whatever. But in the midst of everything else that was going on on this album, the things that it took to pull this album together. It was one of the things that I kept going back to going, ’I don’t feel right with this.'”

Obviously, he didn’t trust his instincts, or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

While Eminem certainly doesn’t deserve a GLAAD award for recognizing he said a mean word, it’s appreciated and we’re glad he’s growing up—even if it’s taken nearly two decades.

You can watch the interview here. He talks about this rap drama around the 9:00 mark.

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