Singer Emmy Wildwood Releases “Chick Chick Boom (Tired of Love),” Teaches Us How To Dress

Photo Credit Alli Coates

Photo Credit Alex Pines

Emmy Wildwood is definitely more than meets the eye, and there’s enough hyphens at use in describing her that it borders on comical: Singer-songwriter-stylist-label-head-vintage-shop-owner-Guns-N-Roses-tribute-band-performer-rock-chick. And that’s not all, but for now Wildwood is focused on her solo music.

“I realized I wanted to write songs that I was feeling, unbridled writing,” Wildwood explained while curled up on the couch at Tiger Beat Records and Vintage Boutique, her shop in Williamsburg. “And I want it to be a pop record. I like weird pop, and I wanted to make some weird pop.”

Wildwood worked with Tomek Miernowski, who produced Velta with Wildwood previously.

“We knew we didn’t want to rush it, we wanted to take our time with this. Over the last year we’ve been working on it and we almost have a complete album.  I’d send him tracks moments after I wrote a song. Not too over analyzed. Which is very me, but Tomek is a little more careful and perfectionist.  I can’t stop writing, I write way faster than I could possibly make records.”

“Chick Chick Boom (Tired of Love),” the first single from their collaboration, calls to mind the pop sensibilities of  a Robyn track, with aspects of Stevie Nicks or Prince. Her first video, meanwhile, falls into the found footage trend a la Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.”

You’re not wrong if you get a very Real World Season 1 vibe from the video. Collaborating with director Chris Carlone, the lo-fi video mixes vintage footage from Carlone’s band in the 90s with self-shot iPhone footage of Wildwood in her Williamsburg home.

“I had a big vision for a very well produced, slick looking very expensive video,” Wildwood explained. “But then I realized timing didn’t line up and I had to rethink things. It’s a breakup song, it’s a song of being fed up and not feeling like you can do it again. I spent a lot of time being reflective in my studio apartment in Williamsburg. I felt like a lot of my stories happened in that apartment, and I wanted to shoot in it really bad because I’m moving out of it finally. I wanted to capture that. I feel like it shows me and my personality, but there’s a lot of different sides of me.”

This is where we get back to the hyphens. In addition to playing in Velta, Wildwood is also a guitarist for Guns N Hoses, an all-female Gun N Roses cover band that’s earned a dedicated following in New York, as well as a record label and boutique owner in Williamsburg, where she spends most of her time.

“I alwasy wanted to have a store, I always wanted to have the record label,” Wildwood said. “I live in this neighborhood, and I have such a softspot for Williamsburg. I like the high concentration of artists and musicians.  So many musicians live in this neighborhood, and I meet so many people, which leads to crazy collaborations. I want to meet people, I want to help people. Ive always needed help from other musicians and I want to help them back.”

That helping sensibility carries over to the fashion world: we had Wildwood give us her fashion tips for summer. Good fashion, good music — what more can you ask for?

Summer Fashion Must-Haves From Emmy

Photo Credit Alli Coates

Photo Credit Alli Coates

VELTA Shredder Tank Featuring Rayanne and Angela From My So-Called Life-  The 90’s are back! This tank is a must have for the sexy guy who wants to share his knowledge of vintage pop culture! The shredder look is risqué in all the right ways and shows off your best chest parts- a great way to stay cool in the hot summer sun and look good doing it.
Model Rick Schenk

Model Rick Schenk

Vintage Deadstock Neon Sunnies- This summer is all about neon! These are a never worn vintage revival wayfarer-style that is so in right now. The bright yellow will really pop against your summer sun-kissed skin, all while keeping your baby blues protected.
Photo Credit Alli Coates

Photo Credit Alli Coates

Vintage Levis 501’s with Custom Neon Over-dye- These are one of a kind vintage 501’s that have been cut off and hand dyed in all the hottest summer colors, so no one else will have the same pair as you! This neon green over-dye looks great with your favorite thinned out T-shirt or tank. Finally, the little touches are everything! Keep a vintage bandana in your back pocket and really bring the whole outfit together!

You can find more summer fashion at Tiger Blanket Records & Vintage Boutique, 421 Graham Ave in Brooklyn.