Offended Shopper Totally Freaks Out Over Gay Pride Garden Gnomes

Police were called to remove the verbally abusive Englishman.

Oh gnome he didn’t!

Four police officers were called to the scene after a supermarket shopper began shouting at staffers that he was “offended” by a display of gay garden gnomes, Plymouth Live reports.

The incident occurred last weekend at an Asda store in Plymouth, a port city in Devon, England.

An eyewitness claims that the verbally abusive man was “causing a disturbance over a gnome [in] sort of gay pride flag colours, which I’m all for. The guy started saying random things like it’s a gnome, it’s offended him as they don’t have a sexuality. I’m assuming the guy was offended as they look like they have a gender, that’s the bit I caught of the situation.”

Asda, which sells a range of Pride-themed products, introduced its rainbow gnomes in 2017 in support of LGBTQ Pride celebrations across the country.

An Asda spokesperson confirms that a staff member called police to remove a shopper who had become “highly aggressive,” adding, “We don’t accept threatening or abusive behaviour towards colleagues or customers.”

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