England's Next Top Gay? The Pink List 2007

Power Out-age: Among the most powerful gays in the U.K. are (from left) TV mogul Russell T. Davies (#1), witty comic/actor/writer Stephen Fry (#2) and amazing actress Fiona Shaw (#21).

The U.K.’s The Independent released their “Pink List” last week, ranking the 100 most influential gays in Britain. Am I a bad person for being impressed they came up with 100 people at all? Well they did, and Number 1 was screenwriter and Queer as Folk (the original British one, anyway) creator Russell T. Davies. This British TV honcho also revived the sci-fi series, Doctor Who single-handedly, and its gay-tastic spin-off Torchwood. All right; I’m impressed. Then comes Stephen Fry, the BBC comedy quiz show QI, or Quite Interesting, host, followed by Sir Elton John, not surprisingly. Ooh…he’s Number 3, down one spot from last year’s list. But they still honored the legendary singer-songwriter, who recently celebrated his sixtieth birthday. He is also the founder of the Elton John AIDS Foundation charity, and, in the past few years, has opened stores known as “Elton’s Closet,” which sell his second-hand clothes to make money for his foundation. A little weird if you ask me, but if it’s going to his charity, more power to him and to the people paying top-dollar for his stuff.

More powerful gays like George Michael, John Amaechi, Magneto, "Velvet-Tipper" Sarah Waters, etc. after the jump!

Sir Ian made it to near the top of the gay charts; Wham alum Georgie boozily parked his car at #25; and ex-pro-baller John Amaechi will shoot for the #44 spot.

I’m also glad to see Sir Ian McKellen in fifth (he was Number 1 last year), who is just wonderful. According to The Independent, his nickname is “Serena,” which originated from inverting his title of “Sir Ian,” as in “Sir-Ina!” Get it? Anyway, the incredible actor and gay rights activist co-founded the British organization Stonewall, a gay rights lobby group in the U.K., and he is also a major supporter for the Albert Kennedy Trust, an organization for young and homeless members of the LGBT community. You go, Serena!

And umm…moving down the list for people I’ve heard of…Well there’s John Galliano in ninth…Oh! George Michael in 25th. Wow, I’m not used to reading anything about him lately other than his drug-related community service requirements; the Independent describes him as the “beloved openly promiscuous gay man of today.” We could use more of those, I suppose.

Rupert Everett at Number 43. What has he done lately? Oh right. Voices in the Shrek films. And, he’s an author, most recently penning his dishy showbiz tales, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, this past year.

And everyone’s most recently out gay former pro NBA player, John Amaechi (yes, he’s British) made the list, too. But down at #44. And one of the not-so-many persons of color on the list. Hmmmm…

You have to look hard to find women on the list. And I find it hard to believe there are no powerful lesbians in the U.K. Topping the list for females is Danish comedian Sandi Toksvig, who’s #18. Is it bad I have no idea who that is… Then comes actress Fiona Shaw at #21, poet/playwright Carol Ann Duffy at #37 and then at #39, author Sarah Waters. A several more come later, but yeesh… That’s dire!

Now if only the U.S. could do something like this. Oh wait, there was that Out Magazine’s “The Power 50” which included not so “out” Anderson Cooper (#2) and Jodie Foster (#43)… So, er, yep.

And there’s always the not-gay but just silly Time Magazine’s “Alt 100” List, which isn’t gay but salutes honorees such as Lindsay Lohan, Jesus and Dr. Boogie from Shear Genius. And on this list, out or not, Anderson Cooper is also Number 2… “Environmentalist” Al Gore scored the top position. And I love this: Heather Mills is listed as “Dancer.” That’s even more ridiculous than Dancing with the Stars calling her “Charity Campaigner.” And now: The next name…I am going to call is… Tyra! My girl beat out Oprah by one slot! (Who, for what’s it worth, barely beat out Sanjaya’s Hair. Huh?) But really, Oprah. First the Rachael Ray phenom and now this? Ms. Winfrey is not going to be happy. Time for a new “a-ha” moment?

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.