Equinox Would Like To Get You Shirtless & On All Fours

We hope to one day be toned, tanned, fit and wealthy enough to be able to show our faces in an actual Equinox gym, but until that time comes the best we can do is look at their very nice website. And their very nice website is currently promoting what they hope will become the next great fitness craze — Animal Flow.

What, you may ask, is Animal Flow? We have no fuc*ing idea to be honest, but from what we can tell it requires taking off your shirt and racing around the woods like one of those wolves in the Twilight movies.

That being said, if we can look like this hottie, creator Mike Fitch, we are in.

So watch above, and if anyone can spot us a couple hundred bucks a month we will totally take this class and give you our feedback.

We’re just that dedicated to our job.

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