Nudity, Underwear Outlawed At Dallas Gay Pride Parade


Heads up, exhibitionists: If you plan on go to the Dallas Gay Pride festivities this weekend you’re gonna have to put on some pants—or at least a modest Speedo. Public nudity and lewd behavior are banned at the annual event, happening September 15, and an erect penis could get you charged with a felony.

In accordance with the city of Dallas public nudity ordinance, parade participants must not expose genitalia, buttocks, or female breasts.

In accordance with state of Texas obscenity law, sexual paraphernalia, real or simulated sex acts and genital or phallic representations are prohibited from the parade.

Additionally dancers on floats have been told to wear swimsuits, not underwear, after a dancer’s erection was completely visible under his wet undies last year.

Activist Daniel Cates attacked the “new” rules, (which actually aren’t really new), saying they were brought about by the growing number of heterosexual attendees and corporate sponsors.

“The ‘queer’ is effectively being erased from our Pride celebration in favor of the most polished, heteronormative representation of our community as possible,” Cates wrote. “It should be noted that the rioters at the Stonewall Inn fought to break OUT of the damn closet! Our movement was built of sex positivity and our desire to BE WHO WE ARE! I urge you ALL to openly DEFY the Tavern Guild!”

Michael Doughman, executive director of the Dallas Tavern Guild, which organizes the parade, has a different take. He told The Dallas Voice: “You certainly can still express yourself—but unfortunately if your way of expressing yourself is to be naked or to be aroused in public, then it’s inappropriate. I think most of the community agrees with that.”

You’ve been warned A List: Dallas boys.

h/t: Gay Star News