Ernst & Young Just Rebranded As “EY,” Which Is Also A Gay Spanish Underwear Mag

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…

The fine folks over at Ernst & Young may be financial geniuses, but, when it comes to branding, there seem to be some major problems. Major problems of the possibly underage boy variety.

Wanting to portray a “strengthened and modernized” image, the company recently decided to change their name from Ernst & Young to EY. Unfortunetly for them, no one took the time to really flesh out this new name, or do a Google search, as if they had, they would have quickly realized that EY! is also a gay Spanish magazine that likes to feature young men in their underwear, or nothing at all.


Oddly enough, EY! used to be Electric Youth before they too decided to rebrand, to avoid confusion with the classic Debbie Gibson song we assume.

Now we’re not trying to say there’s anything wrong with EY the mag, we just have a feeling EY the company, the one that’s “dedicated to building a better working world,” may be less than thrilled that some may confuse them with a magazine that’s dedicated to twinks, and the men that love them.

But hey, on the plus side, their Google image search just got far, far more interesting. And NSFW.

h/t: Gay Star News