White Supremacist Who Planned Violent Attack On Gay Bar Claims To Be Bisexual At Trial

"I just wish I could turn the clock back," said Ethan Stables, 20.

A UK man on trial for planning a violent attack on a gay bar came out as bisexual on the witness stand.

Police arrested Ethan Stables last June after receiving a tip about his plan to attack the New Empire pub in Cumbria with a machete, knives, an axe, and an air rifle. Stables, 20, was reportedly “enraged” the bar was celebrating Pride.

“I’m going to war tonight,” he wrote on a white supremacist message board. “I’m going to walk in with a fucking machete and slaughter every single one.”

“I’ve had enough. I don’t want to live in a gay world,” he added. “Tonight is going to be a good night and the beginning of the end.”

Stables is pleading not guilty to charges of planning a terrorist attack. At trial, He claimed the plot was just something he dreamed up to impress his right-wing friends.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford has described Stables as a “white supremacist and Nazi [with] a deep-seated hatred of black, Jewish, Muslim, and especially gay people.”

Asked if he was homophobic, though, the defendant replied, “Actually, I am bisexual.”

Stables claimed to have had a gay sexual encounter and was “ashamed” of the things he’d written. “I just wish I could turn the clock back,” he told jurors Tuesday. “I’m sorry.”

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