We Have A Pretty Big Crush On Buzzfeed’s Eugene Lee Yang, Too

Eugene Lee Yang 2

Like a lot of you, we totally adore the guys who do those Buzzfeed videos where they try on women’s lingerie, Spanx, slutty Halloween costumes and the like.

But a nonscientific poll of gay guys indicates we really fangirl over Eugene Lee Yang, the Asian Don Juan who makes his colleagues look all that more adorkable.

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Eugene’s so suave, so funny—and as one friend put it,”he’s got an ass I wanna bury my face in—and I’m a bottom!”

eugene lee  yang


The front ain’t half bad neither.


Digging through the Interwebs, we learned that Eugene got a B.A. in Cinematic Arts Production from USC in 2008, which would make him about 28. (Which is really the perfect age, isn’t it.)


According to a bio we found online, ELY (that’s what his peeps call him) is a narrative filmmaker who’s directed short films “that explored a vast array of social and political issues, including mental health care, gay marriage, and school shootings.”

He hails from Pflugerville, Texas but “considers Paris, France, a second home.”  Normally a line like that sounds douchey, but it only makes us want him more.

The one question all our friends keep asking about ELY is, “Is he gay?” And after weeks of in-depth research we can decisively  say… we don’t know.

Eugene Lee Yang 4

He gives off that straight-boy-swag vibe, but do straight guys have booties like that? Do they dedicate Instagrams to Madonna? (eh, maybe in L.A.)

We don’t even really wanna know what side his bread is buttered on—we prefer Eugene as an international man of mystery. (Call us!)

Below, soak up more of ELY

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Eugene Lee Yang 3

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Just backup dancing for a Taylor Swift parody at work. You know, your average Monday. #BuzzFeedVideo #ManFeed #shakeitoff

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