Eurovision 2020 Lives On in New BBC Special “Eurovision: Come Together”

Featuring "classic performances and a look at what would have been in 2020."

If you’re still mourning the cancelation of Eurovision 2020 then we have some good news for you: The camptastic song contest will live on in a new BBC special slated to premiere in May.

The BBC has announced it will air a compilation program on what would have been the Eurovision finale, Saturday, May 16. The special, titled Eurovision: Come Together, will be part of a series of programs produced by the BBC that aim to entertain the U.K. “in time of need” during the coronavirus pandemic.

JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

“The BBC will also deliver a range of virtual events to replace some of those that have now had to be canceled,” said BBC director-general Tony Hall. “We can all still have a Eurovision moment, even if it is different from the past. Our pledge is to offer the best escapism, fun and distraction we can, alongside the news and information everyone needs.”

Eurovision: Come Together, hosted by Graham Norton, will “feature classic Eurovision performances, a look at what would have been in 2020 and entertaining interviews, including this year’s U.K. entry James Newman.”

The BBC will also be producing a similar program for Glastonbury, which had to cancel its 50th anniversary festival this summer.

“Bringing the nation together to be entertained is a vital public service,” Charlotte Moore, director of BBC content, said in a statement. “Throughout this crisis, we will respond to the mood of the nation and provide programs to help us escape and laugh, and create memorable events which we can all enjoy from home to replace those we’re going to be missing this summer.”

Maybe The Mamas will finally get their moment in the spotlight they deserve!

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