Everyday Rapture: A Half-Mennonite Broadway Belter Speaks Out!

To sum up Everyday Rapture star Sherie Rene Scott in 3 words: belting Broadway bombshell.  Yes, she may be best known for her turns as Amneris in Elton John’s AIDA, or Ursula in Broadway’s The Little Mermaid, or even as the n’er-do-well Cathy in The Last Five Years, but she is clearly making it her mission here to let you know her FULL range.  If you DON’T know of her, you should, because she is truly amazing.

Sherie Rene Scott: Broadway’s hottest mom

If the words “Half-Mennonite turned Broadway star” don’t perk up your ears immediately, then maybe the fact that Sherie sings to a hilarious montage of Jesus photos will.  No?  How about the section where the 15 year-old boy (gaymely played by Eamon Foley) makes YouTube videos lip-syncing for his life to her recordings?  There is really something for everyone here.

In a nutshell, Sherie takes you through her life, from her humble Mennonite upbringing in Kansas (with bestie Becky Phelps, eep!) through her transformation to Broadway semi-star.  No life journey is complete without hilarious (and at times poignant) anecdotes along the way, and we’re provided with interesting insight into a woman who is challenged to both restrain herself (Mennonite) and be all that she can be (Broadway starlet).

Look at me!

The music is all neatly arranged covers – from Judy Garland (“Get Happy”) to Roberta Flack (“Killing Me Softly”).  Some of my favorite songs actually came from the section of the show paying homage to Fred Rogers from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”, “It’s You I Like”).  Her voice is well-known to be very powerful, but here she also opens up and shows a lot of restraint where she perhaps wasn’t able to in the huge Broadway Blockbusters like AIDA and Little Merms.

Sherie Rene Scott and Eamon Foley flanked by the Mennonettes (Betsy Wolfe and Lindsay Mendez)

The cast is small (4), but proves to be more than enough to carry the show.  I wanted to see and hear more of Sherie’s backup singers (affectionately called “The Mennonettes”), but heaven forbid they take away any focus from the star!

I really do think you’ll enjoy this lovely little production, a true respite from the hustle and bustle of 42nd St.  At this point, Everyday Rapture has performances scheduled through July 11.  Get your tickets now!