Body-Positive Male Models Redefine Beauty, Challenge Masculine Ideals

Tarik Carroll's EveryMan Project celebrates cis and trans men of all shapes.

What does a real man look like?

Fashion photographer Tarik Carroll tackles that question with the launch of the EveryMan Project, a visual campaign that challenges hyper-masculinity, promotes body-positivity, and celebrates both cis and trans men of all backgrounds.

Tarik Carroll

Aiming to “empower and inspire,” Carroll will release a photo book and documentary that reexamine society’s idealized male aesthetic through the lens of reimagined iconic ’90s fashion ads. “This is a visual conversation about inclusion and diversity which I intend to translate into an actual conversation about the positivity that begins within,” he says.

Carroll, who grew up self-conscious about his weight and height, was inspired to create the EveryMan Project when he began working with fashion models who also suffered from body issues. “At 6 years old, being ‘different’ felt like a curse,” he says. “But now at 29, being ‘different’ feels more like a blessing.”

Tarik Carroll

Carroll is currently casting male-identifying individuals to participate in the visual campaign.

“This project is geared towards creating a safe space that I hope will serve to liberate men worldwide from self-hate,” Carroll continues. “I want to challenge society’s obsession with hyper-masculinity and perfection by capturing men from all backgrounds, orientations, gender identifications, personal classifications, races, and colors. This is a call to all.”

Tarik Carroll
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