Everyone Was Maybe Smoking Weed At Grammys

Ri Ri...

What!? Musicians smoking weed? No. Way.

Diplo live-tweeted the Grammys last night with full-disclosure of the night’s activities. “Smokin a doobie at the folkways records afterparty with rihanna and dave grohl,” the producer wrote on his Twitter.

The British DJ was up for a Grammy for Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”. “Haha totally lost!! Fucc u grammy voters lol”, he tweeted when he lost Best Rap Song. Dave Grohl, however, definitely had a reason to be celebrating after the Foo Fighters’ took home five Grammy trophies.

We don’t know what is more shocking – that Diplo was smoking pot or that RiRi was hanging out with a close friend of Chris’.

Next thing you know, Snoop Dogg will be running around and rolling joints at these awards shows.

Oh. Wait.