EXCLUSIVE: Joe Manganiello On How Sofia Vergara Reacted To His Playing A Male Stripper

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We sat down with Joe Manganiello to talk about a little movie called Magic Mike XXL–in particular how fiancée Sofia Vergara handled his portrayal of a male stripper.

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“There are cultural differences between North  and South America,” Manganiello admitted of his Colombian bride-to-be.”There’s a prevailing sense of machismo and an overall pity Latin American women feel for male strippers.”


Despite coming in with those “preconceived notions,” Manganiello said Vergara quickly changed her perspective after finding the humor in the art of striptease.


“Watching me go through this process, [Sofia’s] eyes opened up the comedy of this world,” Manganiello said. “She had no idea how funny it was, and that there really is a camaraderie between the guys… a brotherhood, if you will.”

Los Angeles World Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Magic Mike XXL"

Cut to us imagining the Magic Mike fellas playing grab-ass onset.

Hey, we can dream!

Watch the hilarious interview below.

Magic Mike XXL is in theaters July 1.