Exclusive: Team Starkid Talks Apocalyptour

Photo Credit: Chris Dzombak

We profiled Joey Richter a couple of weeks ago, but there’s a lot more to the StarKid phenomenon — an entire theater troupe of young, up-and-coming talents that will soon take their show on the road with Apocalyptour, a 21 city jaunt that pits the StarKids as protectors of the human race.

“There’s this theme of ’Starkid has disrupted a Mayan god,'” Richter explained. “And now we have to sing to save humanity.”

This isn’t StarKid’s first time on the road.  This past fall they toured primarily on the East Coast with SPACE Tour, which took the shape of a more musical revue of their hits from viral YouTube productions like “A Very Potter Musical,” “A Very Potter Sequel” and “Starship and “Me and My Dick.”

“The big thing coming out of the last tour and into this one that we wanted to update was to bring more of a story into the show,” Julia Albain, who is directing and tour managing on this outing. “It’s a concert tour, and you’re in these rock venues, but we’re all actors that learned how to sing and dance. So a whole show that’s just singing and dancing isn’t what is most fun to us. We like putting a story to it and adding more comedy.”

In addition to adding a few new StarKids who missed the last tour, the troupe will also add new songs from their most recent production, “Holy Musical B@man,” as well as change up the arrangement of some tunes.

“I think the challenges are pulling all these different songs out of context and making them still have a theatrical tone to them,” said Albain. “For me, it’s how do we bring these songs to life for people.  Our music director Clark (Baxtresser) is amazing, he’s so good at re-orchestrating these songs so they sound different and better than they ever did in any of the shows.”

They’ll even be joined by founding member Darren Criss, on break from his work on Glee. On the last tour he showed up for several shows on the East coast, this year he’ll jump on for a LA and NYC date. Albain says working Darren in isn’t a huge worry for the troupe.

“It’s such a funny thing, especially with this tour because there’s a story. The other day we were talking like, ’oh, and then we have to build Darren in.’ But he’s a quick learner,” she laughs. “If anyone looks back at the footage of when Darren was with us, everyone else directed him through the choreography. We’ve all worked together and performed together for so many years it’s somewhat easy. I think we’ll just have him add in some songs and divvy up some of the singing.  He’ll slide right in!”

Richter, for one, is excited about the trip. “We’ll get to do new arrangements with so many songs that fans haven’t seen us perform live before.  It’s a great experience.”  Tickets are available through the group’s Web site.

Below check out our extra photos with Richter around  NYC.

Photo Credit Ben Trivett


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