Explore The Dark Side Of Fame In The Trailer For “Grinder”

This ain't a sitcom

The search for fame can lead to heartache and worse, and the upcoming dark thriller Grinder (not to be confused with the current comedy series) explores what can happen when the innocent are preyed upon.


Here’s the synopsis:

Luke, an innocent teenager, in search of his sexual identity, leaves his abusive home in the suburbs for the promise of a modeling job in New York City. There he meets Rich, an unscrupulous model agent, and falls into the dark world of New York nightlife. Tim, a photographer who leads a double life in spite of being engaged to a young woman, becomes obsessed with Luke and tries to save him from his fate.

Directed by and starring Brandon Ruckdashel, it also stars newcomer Tyler Austin as the lamb to the slaughter, and Jon Fleming, who you probably remember as Adam on Dante’s Cove.


The film will debut in 2016 and play the festival circuit. Here’s the first trailer.

80's Pop Culture Expert, Shooting At The Walls Of Heartache.