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Ezra Miller Plants Big Wet Kiss On Fan At Comic-Con

Nobody saw that coming.

While most people seemed to have a pretty good time at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, no one did it up quite like out actor Ezra Miller.

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The Fantastic Beasts star started the con off right by showing up to his Justice League panel dressed as the anime character Edward Elric. “Ed” is a popular character from Full Metal Alchemist and is known for his signature blonde braid, which rests delicately on his shoulder.

Miller, who’s set to play The Flash in the upcoming Justice League film, pulled off the cosplay impeccably, winning over the crowd and baffling his costars (looking at you Ben Affleck!).

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After living it up at his various DC panels, Miller kept the good times rolling at a post-con party, where he was spotted by fans.

One in particular asked the queer actor if he was drunk, to which Miller responded that it would be impossible for The Flash to get inebriated because of his super fast metabolism. Not buying the logic, the fan asked if he could smell his breath, but Miller decided to do him one better and leaned in for a full-on kiss.

The smooch sent the crowd into cheers and left the fan visibly stunned. As he walked away, Miller politely asked, “How’d it smell?”

As if we could’t love him more than we already do.

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