Coca-Cola Cuts Same-Sex Wedding Ad, Facebook Blocks Gay Kiss: Today In Gay

Coca-Cola produced a sweet ad for its European market that reminds viewers for all the bad things in life there are many more good ones. But one part of the spot, a same-sex wedding scene, has inexplicably been cut from the version of the commercial airing in Ireland.

Part of Coke’s “Reasons to Believe” campaign, the ad has run intact in Norway, Holland, Great Britain and elsewhere in the EU, but in the version airing in Ireland, a straight couple replaces the two men. Reports suggest the wedding scene was altered because Ireland doesn’t officially recognize marriage equality.

Check out the original unedited version above.

have a gay daySpeaking of corporations being down on gay love, Facebook faced outrage when it blocked more than 100 contributors to the  Have A Gay Day page because an “offensive” photo on the group’s page showing a mild gay kiss “violates community standards.”

“The only thing visible was lips touching—and the photo has been posted numerous times in the past without issue” said Have A Gay Day’s moderator. “The caption ironically reads “Did this picture offend you? Did you ever think, maybe your opinion is offensive?”

It appears the image was flagged by enough anti-gay trolls to put the page in limbo. Facebook has since been notified and Have a Gay Day contributors have been reinstated. Additionally, the HAGD page has been put into a “trusted pages” account that will protect it from homophobic spammers.

Eugene Woodworth and Eric MarcouxEugene Woodworth and Eric Marcoux have been together for 60 years but only just legally wed in Washington State this month, because their home state of Oregon doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

Though the couple has fought for marriage equality in Oregon, Woodworth was diagnosed with congestive heart failure this fall and given only weeks to live, prompting them to elope to Washington.

On Saturday, sadly, Woodworth passed away at the age of 85.

Seabees and Boy Scouts Team Up for Pinewood VictoryOn January 1, when most of us are recovering from our New Year’s debauchery, the Boy Scouts will officially begin accepting openly gay scouts. (Out scoutmasters and other adult supervisors are still banned.)  “My hope is there will be the same effect this Jan. 1 as the Y2K scare: it’s business as usual, nothing happens and we move forward,” BSA executive board member Brad Haddock told the Associated Press.

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