"Facts of Life" Star Geri Jewell Comes Out In Her New Memoirs!

If you’re under 35 or 30 (ahem, like me… cough.. shut up!!!), you may not be so familiar with the 80s TV series The Facts of Life. But the (classic?) sitcom about a group of girls attending Eastland Prep School was a major pop-culture force in the lives of many little gays and lesbianista youths at the time.

The series was a dopey haven of cute/bitchy/funny high-school gals, and who couldn’t relate? There was the glam Blair, chubby/funny Natalie, sassy black friend Tootie, a daffy housemouther (Mrs. Garrett, played by showbiz vet Charlotte Rae – who pretty much defines the term “blousy”) and everyone’s favorite tomboy/butch lesbian fantasy object, Jo (played with ambiguous virtuosity by Nancy McKeon). Sigh… Heaven.

But wait — remember Blair’s cousin, the wise-cracking, fun-loving, stand-up comic Geri? Yes, the one with cerebral palsy. We all loooooooooooooved her, remember? And turns out that Geri Jewell, the comedian/actress who played her is a fabulously big ol’ lesbian.

“Oh, Geri…”

Get into her!!! And get into her book, with the amazing tile “I’m Walking as Straight as I Can.” Genius! Apparently, Jewell’s memoirs reveal her sexuality, and her valiant triumphs over substance abuse and Hollywood prejudice. And it does so with humor and charm.

Yay! Book her for Dinah Shore, already!!!

Now, will we get a comment about Geri from her former TV costar — and present-day Christian minister — Lisa Whelchel? Come on, Blair! Show your TV cousin some gay-supportive love!!! Jesus would so be into her…

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.