Your Fairy Godbottom On What NOT To Do Before A Hookup

Hint: it has to do with oral hygiene.

If Cinderella got to have a Fairy Godmother, why can’t every gay man have a Fairy Godbottom? That’s the logic behind a new web series that aims to teach gay guys how to hook up safely.


The first episode of the WeHo LIFE series opens on a sound that all gay men recognize—the dulcet brrrp of a new Grindr message.

As soon as our protagonist Brian starts to read it, though, out pops his blonde-haired and bright-eyed Fairy Godbottom, Zach.

The two then venture into the bathroom where Zach fills his new pal in on the dos and don’ts of pre-sex oral hygiene.

In the next installment, Zach and Brian discuss the benefits of kiking with friends about your new beau before hooking up with him.

“Now do yourself a favor and brag about him to some of your sex-positive friends,” Zach advises. “In this day and age, it’s important to know you’re talking to a real, sane, non-catfisher type.”

Though there are only two episodes so far, fingers crossed that we’ll be blessed with more wisdom from our Fairy Godbottom soon!

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