“Faking It”: There’s Got To Be A Morning After Pill

Last season on Faking It, Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (Katie Stevens) stumbled into pretending to be lesbians to get in with the popular crowd at high school. It worked, but then Karma started having feelings for Liam (Gregg Sulkin) and Amy started having feelings for Karma. Karma’s hippie parents supported her couplehood with Amy, but Amy’s mother Farrah (Rebecca McFarland) could not deal and Amy’s step-sister Lauren (Bailey De Young) flat out didn’t believe it. Amy confessed her feelings but Karma rejected her. Liam found out Karma lied about being a lesbian and not only dumped her but wound up having drunk sex with an equally drunk Amy.

We pick up the next morning and this happens:


Karma knocks on Amy’s door and Amy forces Liam to bail, naked, out the window where Farrah spots him, um, hanging out. She does a mini-“my daughter’s not gay” jig much to Lauren’s confusion.


Karma worries that Amy’s going to start pushing her away, but Amy insists she won’t while literally shoving her out the door.


Liam’s naked walk of shame takes him past a sleeping Shane (Michael J. Willett) and Pablo (Anthony Palacios) who awaken under a tree and console each other for missing the sunrise by having an adorable makeout session.


Liam recalls Pablo’s commitment to celibacy and states his own commitment to cold showers. Lauren gets him going with a dousing from the lawn sprinklers.

Amy drops by her local pharmacy for the morning after pill and unloads on the hapless pharmacist. Karma follows her and begs her again not to push her away. Amy leaves and Karma spots a lurking Liam, commenting on the irony that he would lose interest in her if she didn’t lie and now by lying she’s made him lose interest.

Prompted by Pablo, Shane apologizes to Lauren for outing her as a pill-popper. She refuses to forgive him unless he can convince her boyfriend Tommy (Erick Lopez) not to spill about her pills at school. He’s on it and later enlists Liam to help him haul a bound and gagged Tommy out of the trunk of Shane’s mother’s car where Shane has somehow managed to stash him.


Karma’s mom tries to comfort her over the breakup and Karma’s about to tell her she’s not a lesbian but her mom’s obvious pride at being elected president of her P-FLAG chapter leads Karma to continue the lie while still getting advice on how to win Amy back. Mom’s advice: make a grand romantic gesture.

Farrah heads out for her honeymoon, still giddy over Amy’s apparent heterosexuality. Amy, confused, makes to do a load of laundry only to be stopped short by the sight of Tommy tied to a chair in bondage gear in her garage.


Shane’s plan to secure Tommy’s silence is to take incriminating photos of him with various sex toys, which his mother sells out of her trunk. Amy and Liam initially object but after Liam busts out some vintage AA “only as sick as your secrets” wisdom and Amy freaks the hell out, thinking he wants to confess to Karma. Before they can really get too far into it Shane and Lauren announce that someone’s lurking in the yard. It’s Karma, serenading Amy with an original composition. She breaks off when she spots Liam in Amy’s window and Tommy makes a break for it.

Re-captured, Tommy protests that he won’t say anything to anyone: “Why would I tell people my girlfriend’s a dude?” Lauren corrects him. Ex-girlfriend, and she’s not a “dude”. She was born intersex and her pills are for hormone replacement. She storms off and while everyone’s processing that Farrah returns, catching Amy standing next to S&M Tommy. Farrah is shockingly OK with Amy having sex with two guys in one day, in fact prefers it to her being a lesbian.

Karma apologizes to Liam for lying and he accepts, almost spilling the tea yet again before retreating to “I was only into you when you were a lesbian”. Before this thread can be pulled Amy returns and dildo arrangement for blackmail photographs commences.

Lauren is composing a post to a website called Interact when Shane enters to report that Tommy is safely home following the sexual blackmail. Lauren is convinced that Shane will use her status to blackmail or humiliate her. He swears he won’t because he sees nothing humiliating about her situation. She does, though, and it’s something he thinks she should work on. She wonders if this means they’re friends now. “God no,” he replies.


Amy finds Karma in her room, finishing the serenade. Amy begs her to chill the eff out; she’s pushing way too hard. Karma agrees to dial it back and they embrace. Lauren rolls her eyes at them from the bathroom but her disdain is rechanneled into intrigue when she espies Amy’s morning after pill package in the trash.

Personally, I’m with Shane. I have no idea why both Amy and Liam find Karma so intriguing. I buy pretty much every other combination of characters more than I buy Liam and Karma. Maybe I’m missing some hidden depths. On the non-romantic relationship front, I am interested in seeing how the Lauren/Shane friendship develops but I’m a little worried that it’s falling into a stereotypical saucy girl/sassy gay situation that we’ve seen a million times before. The intersex aspect adds an interesting dimension but I wish that there had been at least a couple of more lines to rebut the “dude” line from Tommy. I have to say I’m also a bit worried that Pablo’s celibacy is going to serve to put the show’s gay male couple into eunuch territory. Celibacy is certainly a legitimate life choice but it’s also an easy way to avoid the sort of semi-explicit sex scenes that are commonplace on MTV for mixed-sex couples. But they are so adorable together, here’s another picture of them sleeping under a tree.


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