Meet Dan And Miki, Australia’s Real-Life “Brokeback” Cowboys : WATCH


“I spent a lot of years conforming to a stereotype of what I thought a gay person was,” says Australian Dan Smith.Unfulfilled with life in the big city, the 34-year-old Smith chose to embrace his roots as a cattle rancher.”I’m not on a crusade to prove that I can be a gay cowboy,” he says in a profile produced by SBS2. “I’m just someone who enjoys this type of environment and this lifestyle with the man that I love.”

That would be Miki Velickovski, a self-described “city boy from Melbourne” who traveled to North Queensland and fell in love with his Brokeback cowboy.

It’s not all sunshine and roses on their 155-acre property, though. The weather is unpredictable, Miki is still learning on the job, and the cattle can be… unpredictable. “Things are moving fast,” says Velickovski. “A cow flicks her tail or kicks and you end up with a face full of shit.”

What matters most, though, is the bond the two men share. “I love having the animals around, and having my partner there, too,” notes Velickovski. “This place, for me, is where I’m most comfortable. I feel at home and I feel at peace.”

Saddle up and check out this cowboy power couple’s story below.