Fall Madly And Hopelessly In Lust With British Model Sam Way: PHOTOS

Why am I head over heels for UK model Sam Way? Well, in addition to the obvious, he’s got an accent that just makes my knees buckle. (and the freckles don’t hurt, neither.) Having graced the pages of  Vogue, Citizen K and Têtu before hitting the ripe old age of 24—and shot campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel  and Dolce & Gabban—Sam is also a talented singer.

Every model ever has said they want to act, direct, write a novel and run for president, but I think Way could pull it off. (Except maybe for the president thing, since he was born in Britain.) Above, Sam talks about his career and interests in an interview with Adon magazine. Below, check out some of his most gorgeous shots.

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