Fantasy Casting: Bryan Singer in Milk


— Brian Juergens from

Yesterday the news hit the Webs that Gus Van Sant, who pulled a magnificent leapfrog move over director Bryan Singer in getting his Harvey Milk biopic into production first, had extended an invite for the X-Men wonderkind to make a cameo appearance in his Sean-Penn-led film, Milk.

Van Sant made it clear that scheduling such things is tough but that Singer had indicated that he was interested. So this leaves us with a delicious and rare inverse Fantasy Casting situation: What would you like to see Bryan SInger play?

It might be interesting to see Singer play assassin Dan White’s lawyer, Douglas Schmidt, in faux newsreel footage or the like over the end credits. Singer could also play a customer at Milk and partner Scott Smith’s Castro camera shop. Or a pot legalization demonstrator, disco flag-dancer, blue-skinned mutant, or city councilman.

Or how about a Twinkie?

Any suggestions?