Palm Beach Modern Auctions

Farrah Fawcett’s Cast Covered In Keith Haring Art Up For Sale

The most fabulous maiming of all time.

When celebrities put their persona effects up for auction, you can find some pretty amazing things (like Liza Minnelli’s Cabaret outfit.) Sometimes, though, you can uncover strange wonders you never knew you needed.

Take this cast once worn by Farrah Fawcett: The golden-haired goddess broke her wrist while performing in Extremities off-Broadway in the early ’80s, and was forced to don an old-school plaster cast for the remainder of the run. Not one to let an injury dim her heavenly halo, Fawcett had downtown artist Keith Haring cover the cast in his signature tags. The Charlie’s Angels star, who died in 2009, got Andy Warhol to sign it, as well.

Rico Baca of Palm Beach Modern Auctions, which handled the sale, says the signatures make the cast a truly unique item.

“Warhol and Haring signed the cast at a party all three had attended. They were all personal friends, as well as artists who respected each other’s work. Haring added a cartoon of a radiant heart and figures next to his signature, and Warhol doodled a dollar bill by his name.”

The cast was part of a lot of personal items belonging to the actress-artist that went under the gavel last week, including stationery, a monogrammed lipstick holder and a bronze sculpture done by Fawcett that went for more than $4,000.

“[She] was a serious artist,” said Baca. “She studied art at the University of Texas and was passionate about sculpting and drawing. She was proud of her works and gave many of them as gifts to her friends over the years.”

Fawcett’s passport, with stamps from the United Kingdom, Tahiti, Australia, Mexico and Egypt, and the blonde star looking divine, of course, sold for $11,520. But if you have your heart set on that cast, it could still be yours. According to Baca, it didn’t meet its minimum bid.

Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.