Farrah Moan Reflects on Performing with “Idol” Christina Aguilera

"She makes sure to get a hold of me when she needs to."

“I’m so lucky that somebody that I look up to so much, that so much of my drag inspiration comes from, accepts me, includes me, and I love her so much for that,” Farrah Moan tells Billboard Pride, catching up with the drag performer after her Drag Race All Stars 4 elmination.

After a heartfelt meeting with Aguilera earlier this year, the two divas have developed a relationship with Aguilera inviting Farrah to join her on stage on several occassions including Xtina’s Liberation Tour.

“I’m just so lucky that my idol, first of all knows that I exist, but second of all, wants to include me in so much,” says Farrah. “I got to go on stage with her and announce her at LA Pride. I got to go on stage on her show for the Liberation Tour. You know, she just always makes sure to keep me included.”

But just because the stars have grown closer, Farrah says they aren’t necessarily on texting terms.

“She makes sure to get a hold of me when she needs to.”

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