Fascists Tried to Block Budapest Pride and Failed Miserably

They were chanted down by the crowd then rounded up by police.

A group of anti-LGBTQ fascists attempted to block the Budapest Pride parade this weekend and were turned away.

Members of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement stood silently, dressed in black and holding a banner, preventing marchers from starting the parade. The stony faced far-right activists were quickly surrounded by Pride participants, who banged on drums, chanted, and shouted down the men.

One put a small rainbow flag in the face of one of the fascists.

A line of police walked between the two sides, keeping them back from one another. After less than a minute, the police rounded up the fascists and pushed them off the parade route so the festivities could continue as planned, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Budapest Pride Parade

Saturday’s event saw thousands take to the streets to celebrate the community.

Budapest Pride Parade

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst made note of the incident while performing during the closing party.

“It is very important to me to be here today, the rights of the LGBTIQ community are not where they should be,” Wurst said, Gay Star News reports.

“The people who went to the Pride and were on the verge of being attacked by right-wing demonstrators showed great courage, and I want to highlight this situation.”


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