Fashion Hits & Misses: The American Music Awards

Sunday night, the music industry celebrated itself (again) at the American Music Awards. Ke$ha and Bieber performed, and the evening ended with an epic performance from Psy and MC Hammer, because its 1992 again. Now in its 40th year, the AMAs are virtually indistinguishable from any other music awards show, save for the obvious jingoism implied in an award that’s meant to fete the American market. Still, we love any opportunity to gawk at celebs at the red carpet, and we imagine you do, too. Below, some of the best and worst of the night.

Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera vie for Miss Piggy Realness.

Left: Amy Heidemann from that annoying Internet band Karmin is like, “oh me? I’m the worst.” Right: Mark Salling hides from Amy Heidemann by dressing like Bruno Mars.

Left: Pink shows us how it’s done. Right: “Twilight”’s Nikki Reed is like, “oops, maybe I made a rash decision by marrying this “American Idol” contestant Paul McDonald. Are there takebacks?”

Left: Carrie Underwood sparkles in fuschia. Right: Brandy came to the AMAs straight from her spaceship in the future.

Left: It’s cool if I want to suck the sweet, tender youthful marrow from Taylor Swift’s bones, right? Right: Justin Bieber is really blossoming into such a beautiful young woman.

Left: Aha! You can’t fool me with your little chinstrap beard, Kevin Richardson! I’d spot a member of the Backstreet Boys anywhere. Right: Ke$ha seems genuinely bummed that she looks so nice.

Left: Don’t think too hard about what Carly Rae Jepsen is wearing, or you’ll get her song stuck in your head. Right: The other dudes in Neon Trees are totally wondering what the gold suit dude was thinking.

Left: Brad Goreski, I love you, but your tattered jeans are bringing me down. Right: Good thing Madison Hildebrand is there to cheer us all up!

Julie Gerstein is wants to wear Taylor Swift like a skin suit. Follow her at havethehabit.