Fashion Hits & Misses: The GQ Gentleman’s Ball

On Wednesday night, GQ hosted its 5th Annual Gentleman’s Ball, which raises money for a variety of charities. A strange spattering of celebrities attended, including Olympic snowboarder Shaun White and Ted Danson (two names you’d never imagine would go together, right?). White and Danson, along with Kellan Lutz and Adam Levine, served as the evening’s ambassadors, raising money for their respective charities. But the most important question — what did they wear?

adam levine ted danson and aj calloway

Left: Adam Levine sidles up to Ted Danson to catch some of his silver fox shine. Right: “Extra”’s AJ Calloway wants to know who stole his jacket.

paul sevigny, michael strahan and kellan lutz

Left: DJ Paul Sevigny is trying to prove he still plays vinyl. Right: Michael Strahan finally escapes the clutches of Kelly Ripa to pose for a picture with “Twilight”’s floppy-haired heartthrob Kellan Lutz.

Left: For a second, we thought Shaun White cut off all his ginger locks, but no. Right: MSNBC host Willie Geist stays up way past his bedtime.

Left: What sort of scary things do you suppose Anne Heche is whispering into her boyfriend James Tupper’s ear? Right: Kelly Ripa, looking peplum-ed up, on the hunt for Michael Strahan.

anthony shriver, jake wood

Left: Anthony Shriver perseveres, despite his blinding suit. Right: Jake Wood wears a toned down, much more palatable pattern.

All photos courtesy Getty Images.

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