#FBF: Watch Cole Escola Perfectly Imitate Every Gay YouTuber Ever

cole escola

It’s been over 2 years since comedian/actor Cole Escola made this 39-second long YouTube video, yet it continues to be one of our favorite things on the Internet.

In less than a minute, Escola perfectly captures the essence of 99% of vlogs by gay YouTube stars with eerie precision.

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He, of course, begins with the immortal “Hey, guys! It’s me!”–the standard opening for every vlogger who aspires to make millions recapping their trip to the aquarium.

In the next moment he’s already signing off, “Okay, so that’s all I have for today.”


Escola then pokes fun at the blatant product placement celebrity YouTubers often include in their videos.

With a cue of sad piano music, Escola mocks the disingenuous-sounding “manifestos” many of these ’tubers have. “If I could just… reach out to one person,” he offers dramatically.

The video ends with Escola asking his fans to comment what color hoodie he should wear next week, and then eating a cake and crying while a steady stream of brands his page “supports” rolls up.

Watch below.