Divine Ruins Christmas Eve in a New Deleted Scene From John Waters’ “Female Trouble”

"I hate Christmas!"

John Waters’ grotesque and filthy film classic, Female Trouble, is finally getting the deluxe home release it deserves in a new Blu-ray set from the Criterion Collection that not only features a restored version of the movie, but is also packed with bonus features like rare on-set footage, alternate takes and deleted scenes.

One of the cut scenes has been unveiled ahead of the Blu-ray’s release, and it shows Dawn Davenport (Divine) confronting her parents in the kitchen, and ruining Christmas Eve for the whole family.

And this is before Dawn finds out that she isn’t getting those cha-cha heels for Christmas. Happy holidays?

Watch the deleted scene below, and check out more bonus features when Criterion’s Female Trouble Blu-ray hits stores Tuesday, June 26.

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