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Here’s Your First Look At Jessica Lange And Susan Sarandon As Joan And Bette

“She slept with every male costar at MGM except Lassie.”

Your next TV obsession is here.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first official images of Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as rivals—and co-stars—Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, respectively in Feud.

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Premiering March 5 on FX, Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series “chronicles the intense rivalry between Davis and Crawford that began during their heydays in the ’30s and ’40s.”

The two stars had a long and bitter history in Hollywood. “She slept with every male costar at MGM except Lassie,” Davis reportedly once said of Crawford.

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis publicity portrait for the film 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?', 1962. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)
Warner Brothers/Getty Images

Then the two screen icons co-starred in the 1962 horror camp classic Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? which went onto become a surprise hit and earned Davis an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Crawford publicly campaigned against her.

Lange and Sarandon aren’t the only stars reliving Hollywood’s golden era. Catherine Zeta-Jones joins them playing Olivia de Havilland. Alfred Molina, Judy Davis, Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson will also co-star.

Maybe if Sarandon is too busy to play Bette Davis next time Murphy could hire Alaska?

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Clear your calendars and space on your DVR for March 5 when Feud debuts on FX.

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